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Arlen’s Atlas therapy

The first cervical vertebra is called the atlas. Contrary to widespread belief, Arlen’s Atlas therapy is hardly suitable for treating any disturbed mobility of the atlanto-occipital joints and the joints between the atlas and the 2nd cervical vertebra. What is treated is the out-of-equilibrium basic tension (tonus) of the body’s entire musculature and the entire autonomic nervous system. Meant by autonomic nervous system is the involuntary nervous system outside the voluntary musculoskeletal system. It has many tasks. Among others, the control of blood supply, the tension of fasciae, the activity of the sweat glands, the activity of the internal organs, etc., in short, everything that is not subject to our will. The autonomic nervous system is also greatly involved in the occurrence of pain.

No-one is built symmetrically. The first cervical vertebra, also called the atlas, is generally naturally asymmetrically positioned below the cranium. In Atlas therapy the doctor gives an ultra-short impulse with the fingertip on the first cervical vertebra. So that it is also carried out in the right direction, an X-ray of the cervical vertebral column must first be obtained, on which the asymmetry can be seen. As a result of the absolutely painless impulse, in no case should the position of the atlas in relation to the cranium be changed. Only a defined shock wave (percussion) should run in the right direction through the muscles and fasciae of the upper region of the cervical vertebral column. Atlas therapy is the most gentle form of therapy in manual medicine. After more than 20 years of application no side effects are known.

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