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The masseurs’ task is to stimulate the sensory organs of the skin, subcutis, connective tissue and muscles within the framework of the extensive combination therapy.

Through this, on the one hand perception (proprioception) is increased, for patients with motor disturbances, but also people without visible motor disturbances but with pain, or elderly people, suffer from a lack of nerve impulses reaching the brain. On the other hand, local muscle tenseness and the so-called muscular hypertonia (increased basic tension of the muscles) and muscular hypotonia (reduced basic tension of the muscles) are brought closer to normality.

At our clinic a massage lasts about 30 minutes, and varies technically, depending on the patient’s disorder. Elements of connective tissue massage, stroking massage, walking massage, lymph drainage, trigger point massage, etc. are combined individually for each patient. The effect of massage fits in perfectly with the combination of medical treatments with manual medicine, physiotherapy and ergotherapy.

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