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Provision of aids

Only an aid that aids is an aid

Almost all children and adults with central motor disturbances need aids in order to avoid faulty development.

On account of the asymmetrical muscle tension, careful X-ray control of the hip joints is necessary in order to detect disturbances in the maturing of the joints in good time. Precisely in small children, dislocation of the hip can be avoided by early treatment.  By means of positioning devices or hip splints, normal hip development can be achieved and operations thus avoided or kept smaller.

In cases of faulty foot positions and foot deformities, in addition to plaster casts and botulinum toxin treatments, inlays or orthotic devices are necessary in order to prevent or reduce these foot deformations.

Our scientific studies in cerebral palsy (ICP children) show a clear improvement in the transitions of movement (lying-crawling-sitting-walking) with the ankle orthotic devices that have a foot profile according to Hylton (see Literature references).

Our many years of close co-operation with the orthopaedic technicians and orthopaedic shoe technicians allows a timely and appropriate provision of your individual aids.

In cases of idiopathic and neurogenic distortion of the spine of more than 20° (scoliosis), the provision of an individually fitted corset often cannot be avoided. We are pleased to take charge of this.

Another speciality is advice in assisting communication, i.e. the opening up in communication through gestures, the testing of simple aids to communication such as I-Talk, Big Mac or the Alphatalker.

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