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In treadmill therapy, with or without the strain of bodyweight being removed (with a belt through a suspension device on the treadmill frame), the nerve cells in the spinal cord and the cerebrum that are responsible for the alternate walking movements are trained.

Studies have shown that the degree of spasticity is alleviated, and this can be exploited particularly in patients who are unable to walk. In children who are able to walk, the alternating movement patterns are practised and established. When these patterns are carried over into everyday life, they will never be forgotten.

Stamina is improved and spasticity released to some degree.

In supine position the GigerMD® is used. On the basis of harmonic fluctuating movements of the arms and legs the exercise apparatus reduces the spasticity. The apparatus can either move the limbs passively or, using his own strength, the patient can actively move the limbs. The corresponding loosening of the muscles achieved is therefore supplemented by a training effect.

The Galileo vibration system has similar functions. Depending on the frequency, the vibrations lead on the one hand to a loosening of the muscles and on the other also have a muscle training effect. This does not require active and deliberate effort on the part of the patient. By eliciting special reflexes in the spinal cord, this can strengthen even completely paralysed muscles. Above all, however, the self-awareness of the body parts is stimulated.

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