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Therapy goal and frequency of treatments

The most important precondition for any treatment is the formulation of a realistic therapy goal. In the foreground is improvement of the person’s quality of life.

In the case of disabled people the aim is to achieve the best possible independence, self-care and participation in everyday life.

When pain in children and adults is being treated, it is generally sufficient initially to carry out 3 – 6 manual medicine treatments by a doctor within a short period of 2 weeks. Depending on the result, individual treatments may become necessary again if, after an initial clear improvement, the symptoms recur. The same applies for patients with polyneuropathy and dizziness.

Patients with physical disablement require more time and more intensive treatment to re-educate their control systems. For this patient group we recommend the extensive combination therapy as described above for a period of 2-3 weeks initially.

These patients are treated with manual medicine by doctors daily from Monday to Friday. This treatment lasts 25 to 30 minutes. They receive perception-promoting and tonus-regulating massage for 30 minutes daily, and daily physiotherapy on a neurophysiological basis (45 minutes), ergotherapy if necessary (45 minutes), treadmill therapy if necessary (10 to 15 minutes), and, if indicated, low-energy extracorporeal shock waves.

The elements comprising a treatment unit are adapted individually for each patient, and are changed during the course of treatment, depending on the progress.

The treatments themselves are quite strenuous for the patients, so that there have to be breaks between the therapy sessions. It is generally not possible to complete the programme in half a day.

We recommend to most of our patients that they practise movements independently in the nearby Bad Krozingen Thermal Baths (“Vita Classica”) in a floating situation where gravitational forces are almost compensated.

Because in the case of neurological disturbances the underlying disease itself cannot be treated, some of the disturbances will increase again in time. Therefore, after 6 months a further 2-week series of treatments is generally indicated. However, these questions must be discussed individually on the basis of the treatment results, and further action then established.

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