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About us

Our guiding principles

Why should it not be possible to alter the quality of life of people with pain and physical disabilities?

Fixed opinions inhibit progress.

The viewpoint changes the view.

Belief in the impossible makes goals achievable.

New roads lead to new ends.

The best way to find new approaches is in a team.

Our strengths

Over a period of more than 20 years we have developed a novel extensive combination therapy consisting of manual medicine, physiotherapy, special massages, ergotherapy, therapies on the treadmill and provision of aids. We have proved its effectiveness in infantile cerebral paresis. The method is also effective in other types of motor disturbances and paralyses. We have proved that a special provision of aids (Hylton orthotic devices) promotes development in children and adolescents with motor disturbances.

A special feature is the therapy with low-energy extracorporeal shock waves, which was researched and introduced by our team for the treatment of a variety of neurological diseases.

For the treatment of pain in the spinal column, the joints and limbs, for headaches and migraine, a variety of methods from manual medicine, osteopathy, Atlas therapy and physical medicine are used in combination. The use of medications is not in the foreground, although they are often necessary.

All treatments are adapted individually to the patient, and above all they are low-risk and painless. We achieve our results through the close team co-operation and co-operation with external orthopaedic technicians and aid manufacturers.

We constantly verify our work with scientific studies of effectiveness (Literature references).

Our doctors are trainers for manual medicine in children and Arlen’s Atlas therapy in the German Society for Manual Medicine.

Ambulanz für Manuelle Medizin - Zentrum für Bewegungsstörungen
Thürachstraße 10 - D-79189 Bad Krozingen
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