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Paralyses and physical disabilities in children and adults Paraplegia, paraparesis Polyneuropathy Pain in children and adults Attention disorders, dyspraxia in children Treatment of babies Paediatric orthopaedics Irritable bladder and stress incontinence Disturbances of balance and dizziness in older people

Paediatric orthopaedics

• Postural disturbances
• Postural weakness
• Postural decline
• Scoliosis
• Drop-foot
• Club-foot
• Flat-foot
• Eversion of the foot
• Hip dysplasia
• Hip dislocation
• Provision of aids
• Inlays
• Splints
• Orthotic devices
• Corset
• Wheelchair

We treat these disorders in children and adults, irrespective of their cause. The person responsible is a doctor who has many years of experience in paediatric orthopaedics.

We have also endeavoured to obtain scientific proof of the effectiveness of treatment with the dynamic Hylton ankle orthotic devices. The result is the most extensive study of this subject in the world, and – above all – positive. Children with mobility disturbances can benefit quite considerably from these orthotic devices, because the foot is treated as a sensory organ. This sensory organ is responsible to a very considerable extent for our posture and movements. See also the Literature references.

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